Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Demon Glass

Demon Glass
  (A Hex Hall Novel #2)
By Rachel Hawkins

Sophia Mercer thought being a teenager was hard enough.  Now after finding out what she really is and how powerful she can be it scares her and gets her looking into "The Removal," a procedure to strip magical powers.  To top it off she has a Vampire friend, Jenna Talbot, a ghost who is haunting her, she is betrothed to Cal, the Hex Halls school grounds care taker, and Archer, who she loves is an Agent for the Eye, who kills magical creatures. Also, her dad is the head of the councilor for magical creatures and wants her to spend the summer in England. 
Again Rachel Hawkins casts a spell binding book that keeps you flipping through the pages madly, while you seek to find out what is going to happen to Sophie and her Friends. 
I give this book four foxes out of five. 

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