Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hex Hall

Hex Hall
Rachel Hawkins

“Hex Hall” is a cork-y story about a young girl, Sophia Mercer, who never is able to cast a prefect spell. It definitely brings the saying, “Magic always comes with a price,” to life. Sophie has lived in the human world all her life. Her mother and her move around a lot. But her last move happens after a spell she casts at a school dance goes hey-wire. Hex Hall, a school for troubled magical creatures, becomes her permit home until she turns 18. Here she hopes to fit in with her kind but slowly realizes she is different and she gets tangled up in some dark magic.
I give this book 4 foxes out of 5. The Author, Rachel Hawkins, takes you on a journey of witty dialog and weaves several twists and turns in the book which keeps you guessing on what really is going on at Hex Hall.
I would let age 13 and up read this book. There is few kissing scene and a couple swear words but over all it is fairly clean.

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  1. I liked Hex hall. But I love anything with magic and spells in it.