Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wondrous Strange

Wondrous Strange (Wonderous Strange, #1)

Kelley Winslow has left her family home in search of a dream to which all young actresses aspire  to act on the grand stage in New York City.  She finds herself as a understudy in a small theater called Avalon, way off Broadway. And all the actors there are not as they seem.  In a twist of fate, she receives the chance of a life time.  The lead in A Midsummer's Night's Dream.  But things go array, and she finds herself caught in a plot thicker than Shakespeare and far more dangerous.

This book had humor, wit, adventure, and love.  I thought it was a great quick read. If you are looking for a book about faeries and you want something that doesn't take itself too seriously, this book would be it. There was some mild language, but overall, I liked the story line.  The main characters were like-able and you wanted them to succeed.   I would give this book three out of five foxes.


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  1. I loved this book. I can't remember if I read the following books?