Monday, February 25, 2013


The second book of the Wake Trilogy
By Lisa McMann

Cliff Notes
Janie found love, helped solve a case, and found a fellow Dream Catcher (a person who gets sucked into dreams) in the Wake. In Fade, she quits her job at the retirement center, and becomes a young detective with the police force. Captain Fran Komisky, of the police department, gets an anonymous call about a teacher at Fieldridge High who might be taking advantage of high school girls. Captain Komisky asks Janie to look into the allegations. As Janie takes the case she finds out that her deceased Dream Catcher friend, Miss Stubin, use to help out the Captain on cases. Janie is given Miss Sturbin notes and she discovers as she reads them the key to enhance her abilities as a Dream Catcher. While reading the notes Janie learns how to pull herself out of dreams, pause dreams, and how to scan for clues in dreams. As Janie is using her new found abilities she is discovering her eye sight is diminishing rapidly and the after effects of the dreams last longer.
Can Janie keep her love life, and solve a dangerous case while finding out the price it is to be a Dream Catcher?

My Skinny on the Fade.
Lisa McMann develops Janie into a strong main character. Janie slowly embraces her gift/curse, and allows Captian Komisky and Cabel to support her in her journey of being a new Dream Catcher.
A character that bugs me is Cabel, Janie's secret boyfriend. He is so moody and unreadable. Even though I understand he came from a abusive home, he handles things with Janie the wrong way. He defiantly isn't one of my favorite Male characters.
The movie rating for this book is PG-13 borderline R. There are love scenes, the F-bomb is used often (along with other colorful words) and other adult content. For example drugs and rape. Even though these things were in the book it is by far better then the first book. I promise the Fade will keep your heart pumping as you read.
I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 foxes.

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