Monday, February 18, 2013


by Lisa McMann

Cliff notes.
Ever since Janie Hannagan was eight years of age, she has had the ability to be sucked into dreams . Rest and dreams are not part of her life. The only dreams she can experience is that of others. When she falls into a dream she wakes to temporary blindness and full body numbness. Janie learns to feel the effects of going into a dream and finds a way to distance herself, or close a door; so she can break that connection of being sucked into a dream.
For 8 years Janie has been living a life of hiding from others. She has a drunk mother and only one true friend; Carrie Brandt. School becomes only a place of education and hidden fears of being sucked into dreams. Through out the book she finds out more about her abilities. One being she can talk to the dreamer.
 All Janie has ever wanted is to live a normal life. She finds a way to work in a retirement center, buys a car, and finds a love interest in Cabel Strumheller.
Will these things stay normal for her? When she sees hidden fears of those she cares for, or has no control of own body, she begins to doubt her ability for normalcy.

My Skinny on the Wake.
Lisa McMann did a wonderful job with Wake, she keeps the reader wanting to find out more about Janie's abilities. Also, Janie is one of those character that people can connect with. I love how Janie seems so strong but needs someone to care for her. It makes her character believable.
The only issue I had with the book was the way Lisa McMann wrote it. At first I was confused, but within 20 pages I started to understand her style of writing. With that said, she does not follow a chapter to chapter style. When you read Wake, it will read closer to a log of times and dates. The style of writing grew on me, and I soon turned the pages quickly.
I recommend this book for when you are in a reading slump or need a quick read.
The movie rating I would give this book would be PG-13. There is a little language, but the content of the book gears towards older teens.
All in all, Lisa McMann wrote a wonderful book that has original ideas.
I give this book 4 out of 5 Foxes.

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