Saturday, March 30, 2013

Super Six Saturday
My  favorite time travel novels. 

  1. Ruby Red by  Kerstin Gier. This is one of my favorites books of all time. I wish it could be translated faster or that I read German. The second book is out but the third and last book comes out in October 2013.  Rating 5 foxes
  2. Timeless by Alexandra Monir.  I loved this book. I loved how it compared New York of 1910 with present day New York.  The story has some bitter sweet moments and it ends in a cliff hanger but the second book is out so you wouldn't have to wait.  Rating 4 foxes
  3. Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough.  What a fun book! My sister recommended this to me and I  read it in one sitting. The sequel  is even better. I like that there is only 2 books and that they are both out. No waiting.  Rating 5 foxes
  4. Hourglass by Myra McEntire. A mix of romance and mystery, my favorite kind of book. Rating 4 1/2 foxes
  5. Tempus by Tyra Lynn.  This book started slow and sometimes  the way the author described time travel was confusing. But it was worth the read.  Wonderful ending that leaves you craving more. Although who knows when the next book will be out. It was set to be released January 2012 but the author had some things come up in her life so it has been postponed.  Rating 3 1/2 foxes
  6. The Hourglass Door by LIsa Mangum. This is a love it or hate it book and of course I loved it. My dad recommended this book to me because the author is from Utah, my home state. I was on a camping vacation and finished the first book. I made my husband drive me into to town to buy the second so I could keep reading.  Well developed entertaining story.  Awesome author to meet in person.  All three books have been released. Rating 5  foxes

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