Monday, April 1, 2013

Tigers Quest

Tigers Quest
By Colleen Houck

My Foxy Summary.
Kelsey's insecurities and love for Ren pushes her back home to Oregon. As Kelsey attempts to put her life back together, she finds herself missing her white tiger, Ren. Little does she know, because of her ability to help break the 300 year cruse, she has become Lokesh next target.
After Ren is caught by Lokesh, Kelsey's only hope of saving him is to go on the second quest with Ren's brother Kashen, who is also cursed (bad-boy/black tiger).  On the fringe of danger, who to truly love, Kelsey is pushed to her limits. Will she be able to break the second part of the curse and save Ren?

My Skinny on Tigers Quest
I loved this book. Definately surpassed the first book. Colleen paints such a vivid world with her words. I must say my little heart is rooting for Kashen to win Kelsey's heart. Ren just seems too controlling and jealous, or insecure. Lets just say Ren rubs me the wrong way. This book is a must read.
The movie rate for this book would be PG-PG13, because of violence and romantic parts.
I give this book 5 foxes out of 5.


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