Monday, May 6, 2013

Movie-Moment Monday: Eragon


By Christopher Paolini

My Foxy Summary: Eragon
Eragon's adventure starts when he stumbles on a polished blue stone. This was no ordinary stone, because it hatches to reveal one of the last Dragons. As Eragon bonds with the dragon, he comes to realize he can become a Dragon Rider, and help purge the Empire of a wicked ruler.
Will Eragon become a Dragon Rider? Can he trust the old man who clams to be one of the last Dragon Riders?

My Foxy Book Review: Eragon
Fun fact. Christopher, the author, started to write this book at the age of ten. When I found this out I was floored because this book is a masterpiece of wording and imagery. The style of writing reminded me of Lord of the Rings.  With that said, I suggest everyone should read this book. The Author does a great job with telling a complete story.
Foxy Book rating: 4 out of 5 foxes, only because I'm personally not a big fan of longed winded midevil style of writing, so this book wasn't in my top ten.
Book Movie rating: PG very clean but there is a little violence.

Book V.S. Movie
The book was the victor in this battle. I don't know why Hollywood would try to fit a 500 page book into a hour and a half movie. Of coarse Hollywood twisted the story, to fit it into a movie; but it was a flop. This story only can be justified through the readers imagination. Sorry Big Screen you lost big time.

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