Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coming Home

Every reader has a favorite book or author that you can't give up, like a pair of comfortable, worn out shoes.  Mine happens to be an author,  Rosamunde Pilcher. (and Harry Potter, but that is another post)  I was introduced to her books by my Grandmother. Every year, around spring I dig out all my threadbare copies of Ms.Pilcher's books, and begin to re-read my favorites.  I always start with this one, Coming Home.  This book starts out pre-World War II, where we are introduced to Judith Dunbar, who is on the cusps of womanhood, she's a young girl of 14 and just starting to figure out life, her mother and sister are leaving England for Singapore to live with her father, she is to be left behind with a well meaning but emotionally distant Aunt.  And she is lonely.  Although she meets a few friends.  She goes to school and becomes friends with a girl who is everything she is not, Loveday Carey Lewis.  And from then on, she is welcomed into Loveday's world.  You are enveloped into this world from the start and you stay with Judith as she comes of age.  This book is about Judith, who really doesn't have a home, and doesn't know where she fits in this world.  She is "adopted" and cared for by the Carey-Lewis family, but she still longs for a place of her own. I love that in the end, she does find that place.  This is a period piece, in that it does talk about the war, and how it affected the lives not only of those men who fought in the war, but of the families left behind.  But it is also about love and what happens when we are willing to take a risk for love.  There is some mature content, so I would not recommend this book to young readers under the age of 16.

I would give Coming Home 4 out of 5 foxes


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