Monday, April 8, 2013

Tigers's Voyage

 Tigers's Voyage
By Colleen Houck

My Foxy Summary
After facing the villain Lokesh to save Ren, Kelsey's heart is broken. Ren, her precious white tiger, no longer remembers her and even when Ren is close to Kelsey, he suffers with physical agony pain. Kishan becomes the only comfort for Kelsey. Meanwhile, the trio set sail on a voyage. This voyage takes them on dangerous tasks designed by the five dragons of the sea. Will Kelsey survive with out her true love? Will the Trio break the third part of the curse?

My Skinny on Tiger's Voyage
I loved the water scenes in this book. By far my favorite quest the goddess Durga has sent them on. This book kept me guessing page after page of what the outcome will be for the Trio.
My only beef with this book is Ren. I absolutely despise this man, or I should say young immature boy. At a couple parts, I almost threw my book across the room. If you are a Ren fan, you may change your heart to the loyal Kishan fan club.
Movie rating would be PG-PG-13, for violence, romance, and intense action.
I give this 4.5 out of 5 foxes. Ren's character brought the rating down half a point for me.


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