Monday, April 15, 2013

Tiger's Destiny

Tiger's Destiny
By Colleen Houck

My Foxy Summary
Kelsey sacrifices herself for those she loves, by letting Lokesh men capture her. When Kelsey gets to Lokesh's hideout, he is insistent on marrying her.  Kelsey struggles to stretch the marriage ceremony and to use Durga's gifts to protect her.
Meanwhile, Ren and Kishan tear through India to find Kelsey. Can Ren and Kishan save Kelsey from Lokesh in time? Will Kelsey be able to pay the ultimate sacrifice to break her beloved tigers cruse? Who will win Kelsey's heart? Will the Trio be able to finally defeat the serpent sorcerer Lokesh with the goddess Durga's help?

My Skinny on Tiger's Destiny
I semi liked this book but I fear the series has lost it's flare. My favorite part of the book was the fire world, it was beautiful and haunting.  PLEASE STOP with the love triangle!!! Colleen over used the love triangle, not only with the original trio but added a few more triangles in there too. At one point I almost flipped to the end to see who ended up with who.
 Ren is still a jerk. Kelsey is love stupid. Kishan is clueless. I was still frustrated at the end of the book.
Then to my shock, I found out Colleen is writing a 5th book, Tiger's Dream. I'm unsure if I will read it. This book burned me out with all of it's love triangles and change of writing style.
Movie rating would be PG-PG-13 for violence, romance, and a little gore.
Book Rating 3 out of 5 foxes. For me, Colleen put too much into some parts and lost the vision of the series.

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