Monday, April 22, 2013

Movie-Moment Mondays: Along Came a Spider

Movie-Moment Monday's are reviews based on books that have been made into a movie and whether the movie or book was better.  

Along Came a Spider
by James Patterson

My Foxy Summary: Along Came a Spider

Maggie Rose, a young girl, ends  up being kidnapped and Alex Cross, a homicide detective, gets put on her case. Jezzie Flanagan is the first female supervisor of the Secret Service who is paired up with Alex to find Maggie.
 Meanwhile, Alex is also trying to solve a family of three homicides. While Gary Soneji, the murderer, wants to prove to everyone he has committed the crime of the century.
Can Alex Cross keep his love life and job? Will he solve the case of Maggie Rose? Can he find Maggie before she dies? Will Gary Soneji get away with the crime of the century?

My Foxy Book Review: Along came a Sipder
James Patterson, the Author, wrote a wonderful book that taps into the psychopathic mind of Gary Soneji, while carefully balancing Alex Cross' need to be a hero. This book will definately keep you guessing who kidnapped Maggie Rose and if they will catch Gary.
Foxy book rating: 4 out 5 Foxes.
Movie book rating would be PG-13/R. Do to the violence and Sexual contents.

Book V.S. Movie
I loved both. In the movie, Alex Cross is older; so his love life is different from the book. Hollywood did change a lot of things in the book. Even though there were changes, I would read this book and still watch the movie.
Movie was rated R and was released April 6, 2001.

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